Official Sponsors:

Hi I don’t have any official sponsors.  I’m paying for this with my own money I’ve saved.

If you’d like to be an official sponsor and be represented front row and center in all my communications, or if you want me to represent your conscious brand as a brand ambassador let me know via email with subject line “Let’s Make Magic” and I’ll send you my media kit which outlines the different sponsorship levels which range from tradesies to an exchange for moolah.

Thank you for your support.

Stuff that would be awesome to rep as long as you’re a conscious brand:

Anything that will help me on my journey like yoga clothes, headlamps, travel water purifier, finger puppets…etc.

Official and Unofficial Partners:

These are organizations who have helped me directly to make this trip possible with their support, services, and their endless inspiration.

  • Yoga Guide Magazine – I’m writing for this publication on my trip
  • ArtBySiennaSeattle Graphic Designer – Sienna designed my logo
  • – Home of the world peace ceremony and the beautiful game of Peace Sticks that I’m bringing on my trip and will be working at the Peace Center in El Gigante.
  • Dan Zadra – – My pops, and inventor of the cards
  • Sean McCormick – Seattle Life Coach – and owner of Float Seattle Sensory Deprivation Tanks.  I found my spiritual path through floating and identified this life changing mission through my work with Sean.
  • Compendium Inc. – Although the cards I hand out are out of circulation Compendium still makes newer versions that are gorgeous and beautifully curated and very affordable.  Grab some here and make someone’s day!
  • – Ancient teachings for modern heroes.  The peace guardians program empowers youth through mind fullness training.  I’m a certified peace guardian ambassador.