I mainly want to follow where the coconuts grow.  Coconuts have been extremely healing for me, and I’ve often thought to myself…it would be cool to live where the coconuts grow someday.

Map of Where Coconuts Grow:

Where coconuts grow

Augie’s Journey:

Augies mission trip

The 24 countries are solidified but I’m not sure where I’m going in each country yet.  Letting the the Universe guide once I step in to the flow.  Would love recommendations, especially if you have places for me to stay for trade, free, or low cost.

  1. Sayulita, Mexico to Tulum, Mexico
  2. Belize City, Belize
  3. Lake Antigua, Guatemala
  4. El Salvador – Not sure yet
  5. Honduras – Not sure yet
  6. Nicaragua – El Gigante
  7. Costa Rica – Not sure, maybe perma culture place
  8. Panama – Perhaps a plant medicine place
  9. Colombia – Um not sure
  10. Ecuador – Surf place
  11. Peru – Machu Pichu, and the jungle to hang with Shamans
  12. Brazil – Manaus to Sao Paulo
  13. South Africa – Cape Town, Johannesburg
  14. Mozambique – Not Sure
  15. Tanzania – Zanzibar
  16. India – Rajhistan
  17. Nepal – Mediate with the monks
  18. MyanMar Burma – Yoga
  19. Laos – Not sure
  20. Vietnam – Not sure
  21. Cambodia – Not sure
  22. Indonesia – Bali
  23. Australia – Not sure
  24. New Zealand – Wellington

I’ll stop by Maui and then be home in Seattle.

I think it’s going to take 7-9 months.