Why am I doing this?

I was asked a question by one of my Shaman/Life Coaches, Sean McCormick, pictured below.

sean mccormick life coach

Sean asked me? “What if you all of a sudden had a million dollars.  What’s the first thing you would do to provide a service to the world?”

(BTW…sometimes the answer is a bit daunting. That’s good!  If it comes from your heart and is in the spirit of love and service you’re on the right path.)

I was like, this is a bit weird but I instantly envisioned myself Augie Windshining through the streets of the world like a shining ball of love and light giving that energy and these cards of hope and inspiration freely to those who see me and interact with me, to send out ripples of positive vibrations through the universe, and these vibrations could possibly change the whole world.

…And he said, “You have to do that then.”

I was like, “Ya. I am going to do that.”

So I started practicing.

I’ve stored thousands of these magic window cards (AKA Thoughtfuls) in multiple renditions since I was a little kid, and now have 6,000 antique versions of the cards left and I’m going on a mission to hand deliver them to spread a trail of messages of hope and inspiration and love vibes across the world in the legacy of the original intention of the cards when my Dad invented them in 1983.

They are simple in concept but hold great power in practice.

I believe each one arrives right when it’s supposed to.

During my down time on the mission I would seek out the conscious communities and provide service through some of my super powers primarily internet marketing, but also yoga instructing, mindfulness training, photography, videography, and miscellaneous labor.

Below is me in a marketing meeting.

Below is me teaching yoga in Caye Caulker, Belize

A large part of the mission is to be a journalist, (pictured below)

I will be telling the story of how and what these people and communities I meet and work with along the way are doing to contribute to humans reaching the next level of human consciousness through their service.

I’ll be posting those articles on my blog and some possibly will get published in Yoga Guide Magazine. 

And this became my dream mission.

My Vision:

My vision is to encourage more light workers to emerge out of the darkness and start following your dreams in the name of service to humanity.  The sooner more of us walk in our true authentic self, the sooner we will achieve a very peaceful world.  The time is now and we can do it.

Next Steps:

I have 6,000 cards, I’ve sold just about everything I own, I’ve got barely enough money saved up to make this happend and I’m leaving August 8th 2017.

I’m heading south through the coconut belt in to Central America then to South America, over to South Africa, then to South East Asia, Australia and New Zealand to 24 countries, seeking out the light warriors, assisting them anyway I can and handing out 250 cards per country in celebration of the human spirit planting seeds of hope and inspiration everywhere I go. Full proposed path here.

I will also street perform as Augie Windhsine Karma Yogi Performing Artist in each country I visit.

How Long Will It Take?:

It could take 6 months, or 10 years.  I’m not sure but it’s a fun project to work towards and I’m going to get started now, and we’ll see what happens.

Call To Action:

It is time for all the light warriors in the world to listen to their intuition in their hearts and follow their divine path. Trust and have faith in using your powers for good and the universe will support you.
– Augie