Introducing My First Sponsor; Bonsai Media Group.

Bonsai Media Group is in my opinion Seattle’s Best Digital Marketing and Web Development Agency.

I may be biased because I help found Bonsai back in 2009 with CEO and amazing human and friend Jason LaBaw, but their results and longevity speak wonders.

Jason has always encouraged me to follow my dreams even if it meant not working at Bonsai.

He is a true brother and has an incredibly talented group of employees helping cutting edge businesses thrive through Bonsai’s expertise in SEO, Web Design, Web Development, and various other SEM services.

I’ve never asked for sponsors before and Jason came to meet without me asking for help on this dream mission of mine to see how he could partner with me to pull of this lofty journey in front of me.

His contribution to my mission of spreading love through the world is such a blessing.

I am so grateful, and will be adding Bonsai to the home page of the site as soon as I get the graphics completed but I am too excited to wait to post this until then.

If you’d like to become a sponsor as well shoot me an email and let’s work together.

Thank you,

August Zadra



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