Gregor Arturo The Alchemist Wizard

I met Gregor at the Yoga Guide Magazine launch party.  The picture below is right after I met him.

Upon meeting him I asked him what he was excited about and he told me, Alchemy.

Over the coming months he would turn out to be one my greatest teachers. Two thoughts I carry closely with me (from the many) in my time working with him.

1. We don’t have weapons because weapons  signify combat and instil the concept of violence. We have tools for peace and high vibrations.

2. We don’t have to save the world. We have to take care of ourselves and follow our highest vibrational frequency and by doing this we become true healers. This can be interpreted as selfish but it’s actually service because in honoring yourself so you can show up for others. When we show up for ourself, we show up for others, and that is how we heal the world.

Gregor may be making some of the most exclusively powerful wands and energy alchemy type jewelry in the world.

I was able to acquire a toroidal hexagram coil he created, built around vortex based mathematics and theories of Nicola Tesla.

Basically this piece of jewelry helps me maintain a higher vibration and reject lower vibrations.  Here’s more about how vibrations work and how to live a more high vibrational life.

Gregor’s Commitment:

Currently his tribe has created an energy vortex that’s sole purpose is to send out positive vibrations through the universe on a daily basis.

That’s their service.

Soon they will be opening for exclusive retreats to go and work with high vibrational wizards who are transmuting negative vibrations and bad energy in to high vibrations and good energy.  I’ll post an update when that happens.

Often times when I would leave a session with him I’d have to go and decompress because we would end up talking about different concepts of infinity and accessing alternate dimensions and it would feel like my brain was on overloaded trying to wrap my mind around these very abstract concepts that shake your entire understanding of existence.

But it always came back to love.  Love is the highest vibration.  When you get overloaded just come back to love and start from there.

love is the most powerful energy in the universe

What we know about the capacity of our minds and the unlimited energies and alternative dimensions is very limited and it’s heavily muted.

He and his family give me hope for the science of alchemy and human’s to start operating to our fullest potential.

Thank you for your service Gregor,


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