What is conscious living?


A person living a conscious life is intentional in the practice of extreme awareness. Awareness of body, mind, spirit and nature with the full intention to use their divine powers for the good of the world.



The Conscious Life movement is based on the concept that humans have and are continuing to evolve beyond our reptilian brain.  We have the ability to choose to be aware of of what we think, put in our body’s and how our actions affect the earth and the human race.

Conscious people are open, accepting, non judgmental, non violent, and are not slaves to their primal instincts.  Conscious people think, you can’t just tell them this is the way it is they use their tools and resources to understand the true nature of human existence.

But there are humans that are unconsciously using those powers for bad and we are potentially on the cusp of destroying ourselves. However there is time for the human race to save ourself and our planet.

Conscious “awake” people are working to preserve all of humanity and this planet by helping to raise the level of human consciousness through selfless service, living outside of the box of  so we can excel beyond this dimension to our greatest potential and live in great abundance collectively.


What makes humans uniquely special is our emotional, intellectual and physical capacity far exceeds every creature on earth. We have great power and with that great responsibility.

When we speak of humanity and the human spirit there are commonalities in the core values you will find across the human race; family, health, service, creativity, compassion, and faith to name a few but the most fundamental value is Love. Go in to Love and you will find the conscious life.

Now as a practice, you should question everything I just said and look for yourself.

I love you,



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