Peace Sticks, world peace ceremony with Shine.

When first meeting Shine you realize why his name is Shine.  His eyes glisten like crystals.

Shine of peace sticks profile photo

Shine is a gifted Shaman.

When spending time in ceremony he received a message from the Sacred Teachers that he was supposed to spread the healing power of game he invented called Peace Sticks.

His band Shining Lion  has as song called “Sticky Situation” you can listen to below that talks about Peace Sticks. (All their music is great)

Here’s a link to their music on Spotify.

He was asked to create a World Peace ceremony with the sticks to accompany the game I was able to take part in and experienced the healing power first hand.

I’m excited to be traveling to his world peace center in El Gigante, Nicaragua called “Peace Circle” to help the community there that makes the Peace Sticks and will be traveling with Peace Sticks to play on my trip.  Learn more about the Peace Sticks organization here.

Above is Shine with the card I gave him.

Thank you for your service Shine,

I love you,


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