Dotty Sunshine Super Chakra Mama High Priestess; Channel Light Warrior

I met Dotty at OneLove Fest. (Pictured below on the left)

She taught me quickly the power of channeling.

She is an energy light worker who specializes in the Chakras, is gifted in body work, and is a master manifester.  I told her I was having issues with Chakras being out of alignment.

Her presence is profound and I quickly surrendered to her work.  She soon started talking to me but it wasn’t her it was her channeling the spirit and it was dead on.  She sensed my 3rd Chakra Manipura, was out.  She started to see that I was in transformation to my inner warrior, my true identity, and guided me to fully step in to it. I had a very clear visualization of myself in full form and it’s given me strength to continue on my path during this transition on to this mission.

In later sessions she channeled that I needed to start taking B12, Vitamin D, and Omega 3.

Days later I did some blood work and the MD told me I was really low on B12, Vitamin D, and recommended I take fish oil (Omega 3).

I thought, I want to learn how to do this.

Channeling For Beginners

1: Starts With Believing

After working with her more and more over the coming months I learned it starts with a belief.  You have to believe the spirit can communicate with you.

2: Create A Safe Environment

Typically what I do is find a safe quiet space, and I like to work on people when they’re laying in savasana or sitting in a supported position that’s comfortable for them. I light some sage to clear negative energy, and light palo santo to bring in good energy.  I prefer using quartz crystals and or selenite crystals and I hold this and listen.

3: Surrendering:

The second step is surrendering to whatever comes out through this channel.

4: Let Your Voice Interpret:

You just start communicating whatever comes to you with no holding back or judgement.


The more you practice the easier it comes, and you can decipher meaning later.  The purpose of free channeling isn’t to assign meaning in the moment, but to allow the spirit to talk through you uninhibited.

Through this practice I have been able to tap in to God easier and you can to.  Just practice and let the noises and or thoughts come out. Don’t assign meaning during, take away meaning in reflection.

I love you,

Augie Windshine

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