Wizardly essential oils hitch hiking light warrior

On my way to Lightening in a bottle my car broke down in Santa Clarita. It had to break down in order for me to notice and pick up the one hitch hiker I saw while driving for 28 hours over 4 days. Carter Lipnick, the essential oil wizard.

I had just finished texting a friend that I was going to pick up the next hitchhiker I saw and boom there he was.

He was on his way to San Luis Obispo to receive a Watsu massage where receive a massage while submerged in water.

Carter works for Essential Oil Wizardry,  as well as being a healer himself specializing in many types of Chakra aligning techniques working mainly out of San Luis Obispo, CA you can learn about his offerings here.

He was carrying a case with many beautiful oils, I was able to acquire some.

 You can too by clicking here.

We discussed many things, here are some highlights:

Augie: What are you letting go of right now that’s not serving you?

Carter: I’m letting go any ideas of lack, and focusing on the high vibrations of abundance.

Augie: How are you doing that?

Carter: I ask the question, Does this expand or contract my heart chakra?  If it doesn’t expand my heart chakra then it’s out of alignment.

I discussed with him a deep feeling of having to protect spaces are enter.  I tend to want to know where exits are, and like to be near exits or entrances to protect the space.

He advised me that could be one of my natural roles, but also it could be coming out of something traumatic that occurred in one of my past lives that and suggested I meditate in to my past life experiences.  Something new I hadn’t considered doing before.

He is deeply committed to helping save and preserve the planet and healing humans and the earth through his work.

Thank you for walking the heroes path Light Warrior.

I love you,


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