Wizard Affirmation

I, a true, loving Wizard, affirm that I recognize my Wizardliness, and my Divinity of Wizardry, and I give myself full permission to Create through that Wizardly energy.

I, an intelligent, cognizant Wizard, give myself full permission to work within the Divine Light, and to create new Light as I see fit, in Service to the Divine Plan.

I, a loving and responsible Wizard, know that Love is the true foundation of all Creation. Therefore, I will incorporate that Love into all Light Creations I weave within the constructs of Humanity and of the Divine Plan.

I, a strong and benevolent Wizard, will allow myself to tap into Divine Power to manifest those Creations, and to allow those Creations to emanate from my Divine Self, knowing their Purpose will be served.

I, a compassionate and integrated Wizard, pledge myself to the form of Harmony. I may use my Creations to present conflict or challenge, which Humanity may then use as models to challenge itself in an effort to stretch its own boundaries of Divinity.

I, a knowing and sentient Wizard, will use the known constructs to postulate accepted reality, yet will also use the unknown to incorporate new ideas in Service to Humanity.

I, a believing yet discerning Wizard, will apply my Magic in such a way as to encourage the Good, the True, and the Beautiful, into all my Creations, yet will attempt to recognize that that which does not fit my accepted constructs may embrace possibilities which I have not yet acclimated.

I, a receptive and growing Wizard, serve in the dispersal of Divine energy not yet relegated to Time, Space, or Matter as we know it. I serve as the magnet of attraction for Divine Energies, knowing that I will be inspired, at correct time and space, to apply that energy in Service to the Divine Plan.


Link to source here: http://www.wizardrealm.com/Galadriel/affirm.html

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